We’ve been using One Planet Cleaning for over a decade. They started cleaning our Melbourne office and now clean our interstate offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. During this time we have always found their team to be reliable, friendly, consistent and they provide an excellent service.


We are a site that requires a very high level of security clearance. The clearance application process can take months to obtain yet we have never had any sort of service disruption from One Planet. Our staff are extremely fussy and we never receive any complaints about the cleaning which makes my life much easier.


We have always been more than happy with OPC’s service. The cleaning has always been done to a high standard and the overall service has been consistent and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone


When OPC first began at our facility they were required to conduct a massive corrective clean on our offices, changerooms, toilets and lunchroom. These areas had been left to deteriorate over a number of years by our previous cleaners. OPC did a remarkable job and have been able to maintain this standard ever since. I’m not able to prove a connection but staff absences due to illness have reduced in the last few years since OPC have been on board. Having a hygienic environment has really improved our efficiencies.


“We struggled for years with cleaning problems in our five storey not for profit building. Since signing up with One Planet we finally have a reliable service. Our cleaning team is great, they handle our recycling and waste system really well, communication is easy and the building has never looked better.”

Best Wishes,
Community Manager
Ross House Association

Sarah Day

Since we have employed One Planet to clean our 3 Mitre10 stores stores and Truss Plant, cleaning issues have disappeared, and I am no longer hounded by the store managers regarding substandard cleaning.

One Planet have found the right formula for cleaning, which quietly and efficiently gets the job done.

There is no grey areas with cleaning standards, it’s either clean or it’s not, and with One Planet it’s consistently clean.


Stuart Wainman

General Manager Operations

Costa’s Mitre10 stores

Stuart Wainman

“One Planet gave us a quote quickly and made everything easy. They are always very thorough and communicate well, which saves me time and worry.”


(1st clean on a new job) – Good feedback – they changed the bin liner on my bin (which is the first time in months that it has happened).  Also, they didn’t find the stuff they had delivered to them until 6pm – so I’m guessing that they were pressed for time because of that.

(1st clean on a new job) – The level 1 kitchenette floor has never looked so good 🙂

(1st clean on a new job) – Hi Jade,  Last night was the first time my bin was completely emptied since I started…and I got a new bin liner!

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