Hospitality and Leisure Cleaning

Hospitality and Leisure Cleaning

Hotel & Bar Cleaning Seervices

At One Planet Cleaning we provide expert hospitality, leisure and hotel cleaning in Melbourne. Passing health inspections, meeting customer satisfaction requirements and providing appropriate working conditions are reliant upon a clean environment. Our hospitality cleaning services offer the best results thanks to the dedication of our staff and the quality of their work. Our hospitality and hotel cleaners have years of experience in meeting industry standards and delivering a professional service.

Hospitality Cleaning

If you own a restaurant, café or bar, cleanliness and hygiene is imperative. Achieving a high level of cleanliness is impossible through non-industry cleaning techniques. That’s why hundreds of business owners across Australia choose One Planet for hospitality cleaning.

Bar, Pub and Nightclub Cleaning

Bars and nightclubs can be difficult to maintain and keep clean due to the many people that pass through them on a nightly basis. Fortunately, One Planet Cleaning offers professional bar cleaning and nightclub cleaning to keep your premises clean and hygienic. Whether you own a thriving nightclub, a popular bar or a quiet pub, we can help ensure it always looks great.

Leisure Cleaning

If you own a bowling alley, gaming centre or any other leisure environment, you need to ensure it is thoroughly clean at all times. With help from One Planet’s leisure cleaners, hygiene and cleanliness is guaranteed.

Hotel Cleaning

For professional hotel cleaning in Melbourne, choose One Planet Cleaning. Our hotel cleaners can make any hotel look brand new thanks to our use of the latest cleaning technology.

To discuss your current requirements with our hospitality cleaning team, call us on 0411 434 552 or e-mail us at

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