4 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Cleaning your commercial carpets can often be the trickiest part of keeping your office clean.

But cleaning your carpets doesn’t have to feel like a huge chore, in fact it can be a quicker and simpler job than you’d initially thought. We’ve compiled some quick tips and tricks to make sure your carpet looks brand new!

Trick #1 – Use a good vacuum

Using an up-to-date vacuum with industry grade suction is crucial to reducing the build up of dirt in your carpets.  A Dyson or equivalent vacuum can do the job but for commercial office spaces, we use backpack vacuums as we can quickly navigate work stations and do the job in half the time.

Trick #2 – Be consistent

The reason people employ contract carpet cleaners is so they know the carpets will be cleaned – all the time!  As business owners, there is 101 things to keep on top of and we often see businesses that simply forget to vacuum at least once or twice a week.  General dirt from foot traffic and airborne impurities all get caught in the carpet fibres so it’s crucial to be consistent and stay on top of it.

Trick #3 – Have spot cleaning equipment on hand

Stains are never fun but stains that haven’t been attended to in weeks or months are terrible.  We all know spills and stains are going to happen but one of the best tips we can recommend is to keep a bottle of spot cleaner on hand so if there is an accident, it can be addressed immediately and no surprise cleaning costs come up down the track.

Trick #4 – Outsource it to a professional

One Planet Commercial Cleaning services have all the tools and cleaning solutions to make sure your floors are squeaky clean.  If you would like to discuss carpet cleaning for your workplace, then get in touch with us at enquiries@oneplanetcleaning.com.au or call us on 1300 175 263

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