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Our Points of Difference

  • Our constant dedication to ensuring our clients are 100% satisfied.
  • Our lower number of clients per Client Services Manager allowing an exceptionally high level of customer service.
  • Our commitment to selection and recruitment enabling us to employ some of the best cleaners in the industry.  We pay our staff well and treat them favourably which enables us to have a very high staff retention rate.
  • Our experience and knowledge in green cleaning and environmentally friendly practices.
  • We back up our boastful claims by providing a very long list of referees who represent a true and accurate cross-section of our clients.

One Planet Cleaning is a medium sized professional cleaning organisation very capable of managing your cleaning requirements and delivering a highly personalised service most cleaning companies have difficulty achieving. One Planet Cleaning commenced operations in 2000 and now employ over 90 staff and operate Australia wide. We currently clean a broad range of sites regardless of how big or small they may be. Our clients include Federal Government, state governments, local governments and the private sector. We believe the four main pillars of our business success are ethics, good staff, close supervision and a dedication to customer service.

Mark McFadzean, the Managing Director of One Planet Cleaning, has an extensive history in management and business management. Mark was a sworn member of Victoria Police from 1988 to 2000 during this time he served on several task forces including major crimes and incidents and Ethical Standard Department internal investigations. In 1999 he was awarded a national medal for honesty, integrity and diligent performance. Marks experience is particularly valuable on sites where security and integrity are of the utmost importance. Mark prides himself on One Planet’s very high level of customer service delivery and our commitment to customer satisfaction being delivered as promised.

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